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      Learn faster. Stay motivated. Study smarter.

      Identify your strengths and weaknesses and focus on only what you need to learn to ace your next test.
      Earn low-cost college credit you can transfer to the school of your choice to save on tuition and graduate faster.
      Plan your lessons more effectively with engaging videos, class activities and assessment tools created by expert teachers.
      Supplement your at-home curriculum. Help your child excel with video lessons and study guides created by subject matter experts.
      What makes our learning platform different
      • Learn faster
        Short 5-minute lessons make it easier to pay attention and remember what you learned
      • Stay motivated
        Animated videos bring concepts to life with examples and a touch of humor
      • Study smarter
        Expert teachers help you focus on what's most important so you are confident and prepared

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      Explore our featured college and career articles

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      What is a detective? In this article, explore this challenging career which covers detective requirements and key skills for this job, including education, the different roles detectives play,...

      Fashion Buyer: Education Requirements and Career Information

      Find the qualifications to be a fashion buyer. Read about the education requirements and career information for fashion buyers. Aspiring fashion buyers don't always need a degree to enter the...

      Police Dispatcher Training Programs and Education Requirements

      Explore police dispatcher training options and the minimum education requirements for police dispatchers. Get career outlook and salary info for this field.

      Online School Nurse Certification Programs in Ohio
      In Ohio school nurses earn licensure, rather than certification, after completing a certificate program in school nursing. Learn about the...
      Librarian: Educational Requirements to Be a Librarian
      Learn about the educational requirements to be a librarian and how to become a librarian. Discover the possible librarian degrees you could...
      How to Become a Registered Cardiovascular Technician
      Learn how to become a registered cardiovascular technician. Research the education and career requirements, certification and experience...
      Quantitative Psychology Graduate Programs

      Graduate programs in quantitative psychology can be found nationwide and generally instruct students in how to perform a variety of...

      Graphic Communication Master

      A master's degree program in graphic communication combines graphic design, marketing, business, and multimedia concepts. Although not...

      Urban Studies Graduate Programs

      With a graduate degree in urban studies, students are prepared for careers in government, business and education as they take traditional...

      Online Nursing Programs for Military Spouses

      For nurses whose spouses are serving in the military or are veterans, there are many opportunities to improve their earning power with an...

      Piano Pedagogy Masters Programs

      To attain a master's degree in piano pedagogy, you complete courses such as group piano and instruction for advanced students. Learn about...

      Mediation Courses

      Mediation courses are available through certificate, bachelor's degree, and master's degree programs. They cover communication and...

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